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Gold Patents Cases

Gold Patents Cases – a sample

Gold Patents & Financial Services (1992) Ltd., manages many delicate and complex cases, most of the times avoiding filing in international courts. We try to resolve disputes and conflicts in creative ways to find solutions that all parties are satisfied with and no extra expenses and costs reoccur. Here is a sample of Gold Patents cases :

1) The Israeli trademark Mon Platin for hair beauty products was objected by the French Chanel’s Egoiste Platinum. After discussing trademark issues the conflict was successfully resolved for the benefit of both sides.

2) Dr. Maggie Goldraich as expert witness to a lock mechanism device developed for civil and military purposes, by San Hitec Ltd.  The full final decision given by the Supreme Court on 12 January 2014 – in Hebrew, sections 16-24, read here :  Supreme Court Upholds Ruling of Non-infringement of Breaking & Entering Patent – Dr. Goldraich expert witness .


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