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UV Monitoring Wristband

UV Monitoring Wristband by Skyrad

UV Monitoring Wristband by Skyrad - Gold Patents


You can avoid sunburns by wearing a UV-monitoring wristband or bracelet as we like to call it. You never know if you have put on enough sunscreen for the day and when you need to reapply. Instead, consider using a smarter method that is promoted by dermatologists: the UV bracelet. The Skyrad wristband acts as a sun sensitive gauge : before sunbathing, playing by the pool, working outdoors; apply sunscreen to your body. Watch as the band changes color so you know exactly when you need to reapply and avoid the risk of painful sun damage.

Dr. Faran says that the wristband is distributed and in demand by sunscreen manufacturers and pharmacy chains around the world.


Skyrad specializes in developing innovative solutions for safety and measurement challenges. Their technologies are based on unique dyes that when incorporated in proper matrix, change color when pre-specified physical conditions change. The two core technologies Skyrad focusses on now:

  • Photochromic: change of color in response to ultraviolet radiation , the UV monitoring Wristband here is one example
  • Thermochromic: change of color in response to temperature changes

The company has five patents granted and several patents pending. Skyrad was founded in the Technion Technology Incubator in 1997. It is based now at the Nesherim Science Park near the Technion (Israel’s leading technological institute).

Read more about  color based applications at Skyrad’s site.

(Skyrad – UV Monitoring Wristband)

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