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The Israeli Patent and Trademark Office ILPTO  issued some changes beginning of January 01, 2014 to their Patent and Trademark fees.

Israeli Patent Office Official Fees:

  • Filing fee: 2,037 NIS (New Israeli Shekel)
  • Time extension fee: 204 NIS
  • Renewal fee (1-6 years): 815 NIS
  • Renewal fee (7-10 years): 1,629 NIS
  • Renewal fee (11-14 years): 2,444 NIS
  • Renewal fee (15-18 years): 4,073 NIS
  • Renewal fee (19-20 years): 5,702 NIS
  • Payment in advance for the entire 20 years: 12,219 NIS
  • Opposition fee: 2,037 NIS
  • Grant fee (new): 713 NIS
  • Excess page fee (new): 255 NIS
    • This fee is for every 50 pages after the initial 100, not including the Sequence Listing.
  • 40% discount for filing fees and grant fees will be offered to individuals or companies that have an annual turnover of up to 10 million NIS in the past year, given that the patent application filed was the first for the invention. A declaration outlining annual turnover will be required in order to apply for this discount.

Israeli Trademark Office Official Fees:

  • Filing fee in first class: 1,622 NIS
  • Filing fee in each additional class: 1,218 NIS
  • Filing for expedited examination: 761 NIS
  • Extension of time fee by one month: 74 NIS
  • Renewal fee (10 years in first class): 2,890 NIS
  • Renewal fee (10 years in additional class): 2,440 NIS
  • Record of assignment/change of name: 318 NIS
  • Opposition fee: 816 NIS

From January 1, 2013 on, it is possible to pay the renewal fees up to 3 months in advance, as opposed to the 30 period which was in effect before Jan 2013.

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(ILPTO fees for 2014)

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