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Registration FAQ

What does Gold Patents offer its international associates ?

Why File in Israel?

Why file with Gold Patents?


What does Gold Patents offer its international associates?

IP registration services  including: 

1) Foreign filing and prosecution of patent, design and trademark applications in the ILPTO.

2) Drafting patent applications

3) Search services for trademarks within Israel

4) Providing expert opinions on:

a) Novelty, inventiveness, patentability of inventions

b) Patent infringement and freedom-to-operate

Patent Harvesting – Transforming engineering solutions into patents

1) Guidance on patenting to management and development teams

2) Leading sessions of R&D teams targeted towards IP portfolio enlargement

IP Strategy Services

1) Tailoring an IP portfolio that supports the clients business goals

2) IP budget management

Legal Services

1) Negotiating and drafting of technology transfer, confidentiality and licensing agreements

2) Litigation support



Why file in Israel?

High ROI:

  • Applications are filed in English (no translation expenses)
  • Relatively low official fees at the ILPTO
  • High quality and relatively fast examination process
  • Patents are only published upon acceptance
  • Excellent test ground for new technologies as Israelis tend to be early adopters


Why file with Gold Patents?

We at Gold Patents aim at producing IP strategies that are mostly beneficial to our clients.

Our goals focus on delivering a result oriented IP solution that operates well in a commercial context later on.

Our experienced patent attorney team and scientific advisers achieved their academic degrees  from leading universities and institutions such as the Technion Israel Institution, what enables Gold Patents firm to spare clients from unnecessary  learning curve costs and bring a variety of IP solutions to the companies.

Our team of highly qualified patent attorneys and scientific advisers analyse the client’s IP matters  and immediately come up to produce the IP solution that best answers our clients’ needs.

When drafting patent applications or registering trademarks, or developing IP strategies we aim at providing excellent services.

We succeed in resolving IP conflicts or trademark objections for the benefit of all parties involved.

Paying attention to the small details is one of our leading assets.

Our vast experience with patent, design and trademark registration and application resulted in high revenues for our clients.

Celebrating our clients success is part of our organisational culture.



Thank you for your interest in Gold Patents and we look forward to speaking to you regarding your inquiries.

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Where are we?

How to Arrive?

Driving from Haifa Check Post to Yohanan Hasandlar 15 takes 6 minutes drive , 2 km :
Head northeast on Sderot HaHistadrut toward Hakurnas. Keep right to stay on Sderot Hahistadrut, slight right onto exit HaAshlag. Continue onto HaAshlag, go through one roundabout. Turn right onto Yaacov Mushli. You have arrived to Yohanan Hasandlar street.

Yohanan Ha’Sandlar st., Haifa 31251, Israel