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The Travalo

The Travalo is a refill perfume bottle patent, now a world leading fragance product. Gold Patents filed many of the inventors’ patents. Here is the story of the Israeli inventor of The Travalo, Carmit Turgeman:


Carmit Turgeman graduated from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology with a degree in industrial management and engineering in 2005. Her inventions relate to various refillable dispensers, the first being conceived during a vacation in 2004. As she packed for her trip, a big glass container of very expensive perfume broke. It occurred to her that small refillable bottles, each containing a different perfume, would be ideal for travelling. However, she failed to find any suitable apparatus for doing it, except for rather messy bottles into which perfume was poured.

Turgeman then built and tested a one-way valve as a refill mechanism that can be incorporated within a small bottle. The refill mechanism is compatible with standard atomisers, or spraying mechanisms, of full-sized bottles. The small bottle is filled with the perfume simply by removing the cap of the atomiser/spray mechanism, thus exposing a stem, inserting the stem into the one-way valve situated at the underside of the small bottle and letting the perfume flow from the big bottle into the small one.

Gold Patents filed patent applications for this as well as other products, and Turgeman attended shows, lectures and courses directed to product design and started showing her products. In 2008 Turgeman joined forces with her present Hong Kong partner for sales around the world, by now numbering many millions.

Her products were awarded:

  1. Best Beauty Gadget Award at the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards,
  2. Gift of the Year Award from the Giftware Association,
  3. FiFi Award for Technological Breakthrough of the Year,
  4. Winner, best New Innovation 2012, from Elle Magazine,
  5. Winner of Honourable Mention 2012, from Red Dot Design Awards.

However, Turgeman has not been allowed to rest on her laurels. Close on the heels of her success, many imitations started to be sold in many countries all over the globe. Fortunately, although a Chinese Patent Application had never been filed due to fiscal constraints at the start, a Utility Model had been filed and granted in China. To date, two lawsuits in China have signaled victory against infringers.

More awards The travalo – Genie’S received:

  • Winner, Best New Innovation לשנת 2012 מטעם מגזין היופי אל Elle Beauty IT List
  •  Winner, Beauty Best Buys לשנת 2012 מטעם מגזין סגנון Style: Beauty
  • Winner, Communicative Product גם היא לשנת 2012 מטעם ה- Promotional Gift of the Year
  • Winner, Best Travel Essential לשנת 2012 והפעם מטעם ה- AS Watson Stores HWB Awards
  • Most Innovative Product לשנת 2012 מטעם ה- Guardian Stores Group


  • Cosmopolitan – “brilliant”
  • Elle – “genious”
  • Vogue – “amazing”


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